Gateway to Health Informatics: Course Timetable

Course Timetable (for Course starting 19 August 2019)


(This is a distance-learning Course.  You don’t have to be “physically present in class” except for the classroom-based Tutorials and the Final Examination – an IMDA requirement for a minimum of 21 contact hours to qualify for CITREP+ endorsement)


Curriculum and Dates

The following table outlines the curriculum with date unit is posted, unit number, and topic. Units, including the self-assessment quiz, must be completed within two weeks after the materials are posted. We are lenient about occasionally giving extensions but participants are strongly encouraged not to fall behind, since it can be difficult to catch up.


To meet the IMDA requirement for CITREP+ endorsement, the Course will now have 21 hours of classroom-based sessions (please see Timetable)

The Course Project is due 1 week before the final examination.
The Final Examination which is a 3-hour, written and open-book examination, will be held at the Gateway Training Studio @ Crown Centre

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