10×10 International Course on Health Informatics: Course Project

  1. Duration

All participants are required to undertake a Course Project which accounts for 30% of the final passing mark for the Course.  This is equivalent to 30% of the time participants spend on the Course.

  1. Learning Objectives

The Learning Objectives of the Course Project are:

  • Learn health IT project methodology including literature review related to the project;
  • Apply the knowledge gained from the Course to an existing or planned health IT project;
  • Identify the challenges and problems of the Project and discuss how they can be dealt with based on knowledge gained from the Course;
  • Use the Course Project as a means to share experience with and learn from fellow Course participants and Course tutors.
  1. Details on Course Project Work

The Course Project will involve the following:

  • Each course participant will propose a project to work on.   The project can relate to the participant’s own experience or someone else’s experience in implementing an ICT project in healthcare.   For example, the participant may want to work on “Informatics approaches to improve laboratory management”;
  • Before starting their Course Project, participants are required to notify admin@gatewaypl.com their Course Project title and give a short description of what they intend to do for approval by the Course Project Tutor (KC Lun)
  • The Course project will be structured as follows:  Introduction, Methodology, Results (or Expected Results), Discussion (which will also highlight problems encountered and how these were dealt with or if the project has not been done, problems likely to be encountered and possible solutions to resolve the problems)
  • Participants can start work on the Course Project anytime but it is highly recommended that they should begin after Tutorial 1 by which time participants would have gone through 6 of the 10 modules (module 11 is optional) of the course and will continue to learn the remaining 4 modules as he/she works on the Course project concurrently.
  • All Course participants will have 2 channels to seek advice and supervision while working on their project:
  1. directly emailing the Course tutors (Hersh and KC Lun) and
  2. discussing problems and issues relating to their projects on the Course Project Online Forum to be set up on SAKAI, the Course Learning Management System hosted by OHSU.
  • The Course Project deadline is 1 week before the Final Examination
  • At Tutorial 4, selected students will be asked to give a 15 min presentation on the Course Project before the Course Tutors (Hersh, Lun and Low Cheng Ooi) and their fellow course participants.

The objectives of the Presentation are:

  1. to train participants on confidence to give an oral project presentation,
  2. to allow the tutors and their classmates to critique their project and share experience with one another as a learning exercise.
  • The Course Project report will have to satisfy the following requirements:
  1. It should be no more than 10 A-4 sized pages,  double-spaced, including tables, figures, and references, with one-inch margins
  2. It should be a readable narrative and not a series of lists or bulleted items;
  3. The text should be your own words and not copied and pasted from other writings;
  4. It should be typed into a Microsoft Word document using Arial 12 pt font;
  5. The references can be in any format you choose (eg APA, Vancouver) as long as they are consistent
  • Assessment of Course Project will be done by the Course Project Tutor (KC Lun).

4.    Course Project Grading

The Course Project will account for 30% of the final course mark which will be distributed as follows:

  • On-line course assessments (quizzes)    – 30%
  • Course Project Work – 30%
  • Class Participation (online forums) – 10%
  • Written, open-book exam – 30%

The Course Project Evaluation Criteria are as follows (out of 100%):

  • Literature review of related work (whether participant is up-to-date with the topic) – 10%
  • Ability to clearly state the Course project objectives – 10%
  • Handling of project methodology – 10%
  • Demonstration of health IT competence – 20%
  • Perception of project issues and limitations – 20%
  • Rigor of project discussion – 20%
  • Overall presentation of Course Report  – 10%

.     5.    Examples of Past Course Projects

Some examples of Project Work that had been undertaken by Course Participants in past Courses include:

  • Operating Theatre Scheduling and Tracking System
  • Redesigning an Electronic Inpatient Discharge Summary Record in Singhealth
  • Improve Inpatients Clinical Alerts within hospital context to ensure all hospital staff (Clinician/Service Providers/Porters) has such information prior to contact with patients for diagnosis/treatment
  • Informatics approaches to improve laboratory management.
  • Enabling Continuity Of Care Through Use Of IT: A Service Providers’ Perspective.
  • Improving Data Quality in Healthcare – Enhancing Master Patient Index capabilities to increase level of de-duplication of common patients
  • Changi General Hospital Information Systems Used By Nurses
  • Electronic Bed Management System (BMS) – to improve communication and turn-around time for admission
  • Continuum of care for Chronic Disease patients Using Medical Informatics Technologies
  • Health Care Analytics: The Missing Piece – Using Health Care Analytics to Realize the Value of Clinical Data by Translating It into Actionable Health Intelligence
  • Electronic submission of community hospital discharge summary to the National Electronic Health record
  • In-patient Pharmacy Automation with Inventory Reconciliation and top-up information generation
  • Digitising Dieticians notes and treatment plans and linking to the Electronic Health Record
  • Replacing a legacy system for new business needs
  • Patient Identifiers and Records Linkage in Preparation for a National Electronic Health Record Programme
  • Audit of time take for “Level 4” and “Level 5” abnormal radiology results to be notified to managing clinicians

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