Data Analytics in Health Care (DAHC) Course


Final Course for IMDA CITREP+ support.



Due to programme capacity planning, IMDA has capped the number of DAHC participants eligible for course fee reimbursement support to 10 for the new programme term. The 10 eligible vacancies for Singapore citizens or Singapore Permanent Residents will be allotted on a first-come-first served basis.


We wish to announce that all 10 of our slots eligible for IMDA course fee support have been filled. 

Those still wishing to take the DAHC Course without IMDA course fee support should contact to explore other arrangements such as use of Skills Future credits for Singapore citizens.



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Feedback from participants on the most recent live, online course:

  • Prof KC was very knowledgeable. He is an expert in this field and is able to teach this course so that even new learners in statistics are able to understand. He is also very friendly and very patient, and is willing to take out additional personal time to help you understand difficult topics (for example, multiple logistic regression). I have been trying to understand some of the topics for many years but with this course, I finally can confidently say that I am able to perform statistics with confidence. R-commander is also free and easy to use.

  • Statistics was always daunting but learning tools like R-commander make it much less so. And Prof KC Lun is very proficient and learning from him was easy. I would certainly recommend this course to others.

  • Easy to understand and Dr Lun is very patient in explaining difficult concepts. It will even be greater if we can have a little more time to do the lab sessions together. Sentiment analysis is totally new to me. I think it is good to get a sense of it given that text analysis (or even qualitative data) was usually considered difficult. Thank you for the great course!

  • I enjoy this amazing class which is conducted by a knowledgeable and helpful professor.

  • – comprehensive
    – lecture note is useful, well-presented
    – amount of lecture material covered in each class was appropriate
    – followup Q&A using email as communication channel is good
    – the lab with using R was interesting

  • – instructor responsive to questions via email or via Zoom
    – instructor has been very passionate in teaching and made the course interesting to attend
    – had a good foundation on biostatistics from the course
    – had added practical value in learning R-commander through the labs

  • – snapshot to cover all course topics
    – small group lecture and lab tutorial so that you can ask questions anytime
    – instructor is very responsive

Read FULL feedbacks from participants HERE


The IMDA CITREP+ support for course fee reimbursement to Singapore citizens and Singapore Permanent Residents and well as Skills Future eligibility for self-sponsored Singapore citizens will still apply. For details, click here.

New additional funding from NTUC Training Fund for Self-Employed Persons (SEPS)

From 1 May 2020 to 30 Dec 2020, all Self-Employed Persons (SEPs) attending the Data Analytics in Health Care (DAHC) course will receive a training allowance of $10 per training hour under the NTUC Training Fund for SEPs as provided for by the COVID-19 Resilience Budget. As the Training hours for the DAHC course is 19 hours, participants who are SEPs will be eligible for a training allowance of $190 in addition to Course fee offsets from the IMDA Citrep+ programme and Skills Development Fund. (For further details, please contact

Furthermore, self-sponsored Singapore citizens and Singapore Permanent Residents will be offered a S$100 rebate * from Gateway Consulting due to savings on catering and facilities costs.

* PLEASE NOTE: SGD$100 rebate is now superseded by the waiver of 7% GST payable as Gateway Consulting was officially designated as a GST-registered company w.e.f. 30 January 2021.



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