Data Analytics in Health Care (DAHC) Course


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Next Course will run from 16 (Wed) till 18 (Fri) October 2024 (3 days)


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Gateway Consulting is launching a NEW Data Analytics in Health Care module in July 2024


“WORKING WITH DATA” – A new 3-day, Data
Analytics in Health Care Course by Dr KC Lun









“Statistics is the Bedrock of Data Science”

This course helps you to strengthen your foundation for Data Science by understanding data elements and fortifying your skills with Working with Data


This Course is supported by Skills Future





Exploratory Data Analysis (to get to know your data file)

What are Data Summary Indices and how to derive them

Visualizing Data to spot data patterns and trends

Understanding the challenges of Statistical Estimation and Hypothesis Testing

How to do statistical analyses involving Measurement Data

How to do statistical analyses involving Non-Measurement Data

Rounding up with Statistical Correlation & Regression (and introduction to Predictive Analytics)


Hands-on Labs:

Introducing R, R-Commander & EZR Plugin

Using R-Commander to Modify and Visualize Data

Using R-Commander to Analyse Non-Measurement Data

Using R-Commander to Analyse Measurement Data


Acquire data analytic skills with the licence-free R-Commander statistical package


Course Fee:

SGD$950 net per pax (no GST)
SGD$900 net per pax for Group Registration of 5 or more

Singapore citizens who are self-sponsored are eligible for

  • Skills Future Credits (terms apply)


SkillsFuture Level UP










Singapore citizens aged 40 years and above will receive a SkillsFuture Credit (Mid-Career) top-up of SGD$4,000 from 1 May 2024 to offset course fee for selected courses that have better employability outcomes.
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Next Course Dates:

16 (Wed), 17 (Thu), 18 (Fri) October 2024
9.00 to 5.00 pm


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This Course is supported by Skills Future



Places limited to 15 pax!


laptop-WNOTE: Participants are required to install and use the free R-Commander software on their own laptops for the hands-on Labs.  Laptops running the Windows OS are recommended.



About the Trainer:


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