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We will not be offering any more runs of the AMIA10x10 Course until further notice on this Course site. 


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Feedback from participants on the most recent live, online Course:

  • Thanks for the fantastic two courses (Data Analytics in Health Care and the AMIA10x10). I have learnt so much over the last few months!   (34th run)

  • Prof Lun was very knowledgeable, kind and patient, He went out of his way to help clarify our doubts and troubleshoot any problems we had. (34th run)

  • KC delivered the content very well and increased my knowledge on Data Analytics (34th run)

  • Able to have a better understanding of Statistics and learn powerful tools like R-cmdr and EZR. (34th run)

  • Dr Lun is very understanding and helpful.  (34th run)

  • Prof KC was very knowledgeable.  He is an expert in this field and is able to teach this course so that even new learners in statistics are able to understand.  He is also very friendly and very patient, and is willing to take out additional personal time to help you understand difficult topics (for example, multiple logistic regression).  I have been trying to understand some of the topics for many years but with this course, I finally can confidently say that I am able to perform statistics with confidence.  R-commander is also free and easy to use.

  • Statistics was always daunting but learning tools like R-commander make it much less so.  And Prof KC Lun is very proficient and learning from him was easy.  I would certainly recommend this course to others.

  • Easy to understand and Dr Lun is very patient in explaining difficult concepts.  It will even be greater if we can have a little more time to do the lab sessions together.  Sentiment analysis is totally new to me.  I think it is good to get a sense of it given that text analysis (or even qualitative data) was usually considered difficult.  Thank you for the great course!

  • I enjoy this amazing class which is conducted by a knowledgeable and helpful professor.

  • – comprehensive
    – lecture note is useful, well-presented
    – amount of lecture material covered in each class was appropriate
    – followup Q&A using email as communication channel is good
    – the lab with using R was interesting

  • – instructor responsive to questions via email or via Zoom
    – instructor has been very passionate in teaching and made the course interesting to attend
    – had a good foundation on biostatistics from the course
    – had added practical value in learning R-commander through the labs

  • – snapshot to cover all course topics
    – small group lecture and lab tutorial so that you can ask questions anytime
    – instructor is very responsive

Read FULL feedbacks from course participants  HERE




If you are looking at a course that claims to teach you data analytics, ask yourself the following questions:


[1]   Does it teach me fundamental concepts of data analytics such as using data for business intelligence, the strategic importance of achieving a corporate data culture and what is data governance and how to achieve good data governance?

[2]   Does it teach me how to design scientific studies to collect data that allow me to derive reliable statistical indices and draw valid conclusions?

[3]   Does it teach me types of sampling designs such that I can draw a valid, unbiased and representative  sample?

[4]  Does it teach me to determine the sample size I should use for my analytics project so that it is neither too small to draw valid conclusions nor too large to be wasteful of resources?

[5]   Does it give me a good understanding of fundamental statistical concepts and methods to provide me with the basic framework to understand and do data science?

[6]   Does the course take me to a higher level of understanding of statistics (the bedrock of data science), such that I can derive Key Performance Indicators (KPI), understand dashboard visuals and understand and use key Predictive Analytics techniques to enable me to make judgmental decisions and give actionable insights for my work?

[7]   Does the course equip me with the tools for statistics and data analytics without spending time to struggle with asphyxiating Python coding and other unnecessary and statistically-irrelevant coding languages?  Note:  Excel is a spreadsheet, not a statistical package.


The Gateway Consulting Data Analytics in HealthCare (DAHC) Course covers all of the above requirements.  And we have done this course for 31 runs since our tutor (Professor KC Lun) retired from NUS,  NTU & DUKE-NUS GRADUATE MEDICAL SCHOOL) in end 2014 after nearly 40 years in academia.


You can check out Dr KC Lun’s biodata here


Learn the Fundamentals of Data Science specially tailored to Healthcare. Check out our unique Syllabus. No other course in Singapore, or for that matter, elsewhere, covers all of the topics we offer. This is due to the unique, multiple skill sets of our tutor, who has had nearly 40 years of experience with data science in healthcare.



Course also teaches you how to do Text mining using R (eg evaluation of free-text responses such as patient feedback) – see Syllabus





Why a Data Analytics in Healthcare Course?

In recent years, the field of Data Analytics has gained prominence due to the large amounts of data generated by the increasing use of IT in business and industry. At the same time there is a dearth of individuals with the skill sets to leverage on the data to help their organizations to improve their workflow processes and to gain competitive advantage. In addition, Data Analytics has been singled out as one of the critical skills for strategic manpower capabilities development in support of the Smart Nation Programme.

Gateway Consulting’s Data Analytics in Health Care (DAHC) Course places strong emphasis on Data Governance and Data Skills in support of strong Data Governance. It is intended to help professionals understand the strategic importance of data and data governance to acquire the necessary knowledge and technical skills to undertake work in data analytics, with special emphasis on healthcare. With healthcare analytics getting increasing focus, there is already a strong global demand for IT professionals with data analytic skills. As statistics is the bedrock of data analytics, the 3-day Course places emphasis on imparting health-related statistical skills to participants through lectures and videos as well as hands-on laboratory problem-solving training, underscoring the importance of statistical data analysis as a major component in the grooming of data scientists.

With the increasingly pervasive use of IT in business and industry, consolidating the large volumes of data generated daily poses a massive challenge to an organization. Leveraging on such data is vital in terms of gathering business intelligence, streamlining workflows, keeping operating costs down and having the means to track and improve operations so as to offer the highest quality of customer service and, in the healthcare ecosystem, patient care. To maximize the yield of information from its operations data, it is strategic for organizations to acquire in-house analytic skills which can provide them with the professional competence to collect, clean, process and analyse data and generate results especially for workflow dashboards and KPIs for use by its management and various stakeholders. As statistics is the bedrock of data analytics, Gateway Consulting’s Data Analytics in Healthcare Course is tailored to enable participants to acquire the necessary data analytic skills as a first step in the training of data scientists, with emphasis on healthcare. The emphasis on acquiring basic statistical skills is done over 3 days of full-day training using a combination of lectures, case studies and hands-on labs. Participants will also get to learn the use of the open-source R-Commander statistical package (no coding is needed). All lectures and labs are conducted by Dr KC Lun, CEO of Gateway Consulting and a retired NUS, NTU and Duke-NUS professor with over 40 years of teaching experience at university levels.

NOTE: This Course is called Data Analytics in Healthcare because it was originally designed for individuals working in healthcare. However the concepts, techniques and skills taught in this Course are GENERIC and can be usefully applied in areas other than healthcare such as banking, insurance, business, population and socio-demographic studies, telco industry etc.



  1. You learn Principles of Data Analytics (what are Data Analytics, how are they important to you and to your organization and how do you apply them?)
  2. You learn Fundamentals of Statistics and how they are applied (concepts and applications of confidence intervals, statistical indices, data visualization and statistical tests of significance)
  3. You learn the Principles and Uses of Predictive Analytics (concepts and applications of commonly-used Predictive Analytics techniques)
  4. You learn the skills of data collection including Types of Study Designs, Sampling Methodology and Estimation of Sample Size and Power of Statistical Tests
  5. You learn the skills of data-processing and data cleaning, data visualization and statistical analyses (including Predictive Analytics techniques) using the intuitive, open-source (= free)R-Commander and its EZR plugin. R-coding is minimal.
  6. This course is endorsed by IDA under its CITREP+ programme (70% course fee reimbursement for Singapore citizens – terms apply)
  7. If you are a Singapore citizen and self-sponsored, you also qualify for the use of all or part of your Skills Future Credits (SFC) to offset course fee payment.
  8. Best of all, you are taught by a tutor who has over 40 years of national and international experience with data analytics at university level.

Who needs the Data Analytics in Healthcare Course?

  • Individuals interested to foster a data-driven culture within their organization
  • Individuals working or wishing to work in healthcare institutions, business and research organizations and industries who desire to acquire basic data analytic skills training
  • Individuals wishing to acquire basic data analytic skills training for research and development (R&D)
  • Individuals with interests to learn data analytics as applied to all areas of industry.

Course Trainer for the Data Analytics in Healthcare Course


Dr KC Lun is CEO of Gateway Consulting and a retired NUS, NTU and Duke-NUS professor with over 40 years of teaching experience at university levels. His last academic appointment prior to retirement was Professorial Fellow (Health Informatics) in the Dept of Information Systems, NUS (until 31 Dec 2014). He has over 40 years of experience in the fields of biostatistics, health informatics, medical demography and research designs and methodology.

His track record is available at this URL:


thumbdriveAll course participants will get a thumbdrive containing the Course materials (lecture and lab slides, videos, reference materials, the latest version of R and R-commander) by post after signing up for the Course (please allow 3 working days for normal postal delivery).


For details on Course fee and enrolment, please see Registration


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